Plan a Trip with Your Pet with K9 Sport Sack

k9 sport sack

Why worry about your furry friend left behind, when you can have them with you on vacation? With a number of airlines, cruises and Amtrak routes allowing pets on board, it’s hard not to consider bringing them along on your getaway.

Whether you’re heading to the coast or a mountain weekend retreat, the K9 Sport Sack will ensure that you and your pet have the best trip ever.

The K9 Sport Sack is a hands-free, forward-facing dog carrier that is vet-approved, airline friendly, and comfortable for both the pet and human. Fully ventilated sides keep your dog cool, while mesh-lined, Foamtek slotted shoulder straps ensure ease as you trek along to your destination, with your pup right behind you.

The K9 Sport Sack can comfortably carry any dog up to 23 inches long and under (or around) 30 pounds.

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