A Nomadic Journey through Argentina and Chile

explora Salta Travesia

There are only so many ways to cross the majestic Andes from either northern Chile into Argentina or vice versa. For those traversing the region with the South American adventure travel company explora, none is more revealing than putting one foot in front of the other. Travelers enjoy plenty of opportunity to trek on explora Salta Travesía, a nomadic journey for a maximum of 6 travelers through the mountainous wilds between the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile and the colonial city Salta, Argentina, with access to hiking routes amid some of the world’s most pristine landscapes through the mountains and across the Altiplano.

Renowned for its active take on travel, explora created Travesías to offer travelers unique ways to experience the beauty and culture of some of the most remote regions of South America. Each exploration is conceived as “a journey for the sake of the journey,” perfect for well-traveled and ambitious adventurers to disconnect in comfort while enjoying new experiences far from tourist hubs.

The Salta Travesía was designed to reveal the differences in geology, weather, flora and fauna between Chile and Argentina, including and in particular on the high plains areas between the two countries. The route of the journey also offers many opportunities to learn about distinctive cultures throughout the region, as well as the ancient roots that bind them all together. Expect the climate to be humid and green one day, arid and altitudinous the next, with everything wrapped in sublime silence found only in isolation.

Running 9-days/8-nights, starting or ending with a 3-night stay at explora’s hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, Salta Travesía takes travelers deep into multi-colored valleys of Andes and across the Altiplano via special vans outfitted with satellite communications systems. Stops along the way enable access to extended trekking in the company of superb explora guides, with durations on foot from half-mornings to full-days and spectacular highlights including the lunar-like landscape of the Atacama Desert, the Calchaquíes Valleys, the Abra del Acay, and the Los Gemelos Volcanoes. Campsites are comfortable, with the “luxury of the essential” including gourmet meals and fine wines ensuring that every traveler is well rested and nourished for another active day ahead.

Salta Travesías is available each way from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Salta, Argentina, with a 3-day stay at explora’s hotel in the Atacama Desert at either end. Rates start at $6,500 based on double occupancy for 3 nights at explora Atacama and 5 nights in explora camps, including explorations, accommodation, meals and bar, transportation, access to the spa and relaxation area and entrance fees to National Parks.

For more information or to make reservations, please contact explora toll free at (866) 750-6699, email, or visit the website at

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