Canoe the Brazilian Amazon During Flood Season, April-June

Juma Amazon Lodge pool

Juma pool floats within the waters of the Juma River surrounded by wooden decks (Photo Caio Fonseca)

Between April and June, the super-sustainable hotel Juma Amazon Lodge offers canoeing through the flooded forest to see exotic birds up-close and boat tours to encounter pink dolphins.

Summer rains, along with the natural thaw from the Andes Mountains, on South America’s west coast, transform the Brazilian Amazon in an incredible show for tourists between April and June (right before the hydrographic complex is completely flooded), when the level of the river climbs up to 15 meters (about 50 feet), allowing for more areas inside the jungle to be reached by boat. During this time, crossing the jungle in wooden canoes provides memorable experiences, such as seeing the tree tops reflected clearly on the water and watching the birds much more closely. Another great tour is to see pink dolphins and swim with them.

Juma Amazon Lodge
Juma Amazon Lodge River Bungalow (Photo Ita Kirch)

Surrounded by the jungle in a preserved area of 7,000 hectares (around 17,300 acres) 3 hours away from Manaus by boat and car, Juma Amazon Lodge was especially created for an authentic Amazon experience and promotes this two experiences on board with its guests. The tours provide an in-depth exploration of the igarapés (Amazonian creeks) and the igapós (blackwater-flooded Amazonian forests). Recently Juma Amazon Lodge also has built a pool that floats within the waters of the Juma River surrounded by wooden decks. With 8 meters long by 5 meters wide (about 26 feet long and 16 feet wide), the space has sun loungers, sun umbrelones and a bar. The pool is made of galvanized steel screen, preventing the entry of fish and caymans.

Sustainability – Besides using solar energy to warm the water and power its lights, Juma Amazon Lodge is very diligent with a correct discard for the garbage and sewer produced by the hotel. A sewage treatment plant is used and all the garbage is separated and sent to a recycling center. Charity auctions and educational projects are held for the local community, with donations of clothes, books and toys.

Address: Rio Juma, Autazes (city), Amazonas-AM, Brazil
How to get there: Juma Amazon Lodge is located in a preserved region 100 km (62 miles) southeast of Manaus. Manaus is connected to the United States by American Airlines, Latam and Copa Airlines. From Manaus, Juma can be reached in approximately three hours by vans and boats. The trip can also be done by hydroplane (30 minutes) upon request.


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