RAID Cycling Launches Tours for Adventurous Riders

raid cycling

For any cyclist looking for unforgettable riding with plenty of distance and elevation combined with raw culture and beauty, new travel company RAID Cycling has the perfect experiences.

Founded by one of the pioneers behind Rapha Travel, Brad Sauber brings his 30-plus years of cycling tours and travel exploration to RAID. The 2019 inaugural season includes a select number of hand-picked departures, ranging from five to 11 days with the extended routes covering up to 900 miles with more than 60,000 ft elevation.

“After more than 30 years of riding and leading groups of cyclists around the world, we have created RAID to combine the best of cycling and travel for those who consider cycling a passion and are comfortable getting out of their comfort zones,” said Sauber. “RAID experiences are more than the bikes and routes — we immerse our guests in local communities and culture through distinct lodging and restaurants along the way. We leverage our local teams and partner relationships to ensure every trip is as unique as every rider.”

The 2019 schedule includes several departures in mainland Japan, Corsica, California, Colorado, New Mexico, the Pacific Coast, Utah and Hawaii.

This perfect loop starts just outside Las Vegas sampling over five hundred miles of desert riding via red rocks, gravel roads, and both Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks. Total distance: 500 miles. Elevation gain: 36,836 ft. Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Come experience a Japan most people have never heard of along the world’s longest cycle paths, remote towns, soaring volcanoes and much needed hot springs. Total distance: 300 miles. Elevation gain: 25,700 ft. Level: Intermediate

RAID’s West-coast adventure traverses wine country, redwoods and the Pacific’s roller coaster hills on the long march to San Francisco fueled by legendary local wine and beer. Total distance: 895 miles. Elevation gain: 61,200 ft. Level: Intermediate – Advanced

RAID’s high-altitude Rocky Mountain venture will test both legs and lungs with plenty of time to unwind to enjoy the culinary delights of Aspen and Vail. Total distance: 312 miles. Elevation gain: 21,000 ft. Level: Intermediate.

RAID’s signature eight day ride through the Japanese Alps equals every bit of Europe’s famed cycling routes with guests experiencing the very best Japan has to offer. Total distance: 495 miles. Elevation gain: 44,494 ft. Level: Intermediate – Advanced.

Corsica provides an utterly seductive destination for RAID cyclists with an unlimited choice of challenging roads on an island steeped in history and surrounded by Mediterranean waters. Total distance: 420 miles. Elevation gain: 51,500 ft. Level: Intermediate – Advanced.

RAID has uncovered expansive deserts, forested highlands, soaring peaks, and deep gorges that present a topographical playground not typically visited by cyclists. Total distance: 557 miles. Total elevation: 45,590 ft. Level: Intermediate.

  • Nov 3 – 10 / L.A. TO SAN DIEGO []
    The Los Angeles basin provides one of RAID’s most accessible, stunning, and challenging rides that culminates with the summit of Mt. Palomar – often compared to the great Alpe d’Huez. Total distance: 590 miles. Elevation gain: 67,000 ft. Level: Intermediate – Advanced.

Join RAID in 2020 to circumnavigate the Big Island and find it’s Aloha through amazing landscapes, volcanoes and stunning beaches. Total distance: 420 miles. Elevation gain: 32,000 feet. Level: Intermediate.

Every RAID Cycling departure is accompanied by the highest level of attention, including support from an experienced race mechanic. The RAID Recovery lounge is set up each afternoon with leg recovery systems, compressed air massages, local cuisine and a selection of cold local beer and other beverages.

All accommodation, transportation, riding support, meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the trip package. Riders are encouraged to travel with their own bicycle and RAID’s team of professional mechanics will assemble the bike and conduct a safety check before each tour, and re-package each bike upon tour completion. RAID can also help facilitate local bike rentals.

Raid founder Brad Sauber has deep industry-leading experience building and running group cycling and travel adventures. Sauber was the first travel executive hired by Rapha in its London headquarters in 2012, and he helped build and launch Rapha Travel in 2013. He remained involved with the brand and business through fall 2018, when Rapha announced its plans to focus on its core brand and sunset its travel offering. Previously, Sauber co-founded inGamba and served as operations manager of Bicycle Adventures from 2003 to 2011. Sauber resides in Mill Valley, Calif. with his wife Dawn Lyon, who is a co-founder of RAID.

While RAID scheduled departures are designed for experienced intermediate to advanced riders, the RAID team can customize trips for groups of all skill levels in hundreds of destinations around the world. RAID also partners with cycling brands and organizations to develop custom trips and transportation services in multiple regions.

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