Snap the Best Adventure Photos with These Top Tips

Evolution ship

Seasoned photographers and amateur shutter bugs itching for their next adventure can scope out the Galapagos Islands this winter. Quasar Expeditions has partnered with Harry Skeggs, a National Geographic nature and wildlife photographer, to lead an exclusive Photo Safari Galapagos Cruise from January 18-25, 2020. During this unforgettable trip on the M/V Evolution, travelers will delight in the chance to develop their photography skills with guidance from a true professional.

Ahead of the cruise, Harry has provided some pro tips to make the most of photographing the Galapagos:

  1. Make eye contact: Capturing eye contact helps create engagement between the subject and the viewer. It may seem peculiar to try locking eyes with a Galapagos creature in its natural environment, but this will enhance your image greatly!
  2. Look for light: Anything from glistening ocean views to sunshine and sunsets make for amazing shots in the Galapagos. With good light, just the slightest subject can make for a stunning photo.
  3. Get close, then get closer: This is especially true for underwater photos; the less water and distance guests have between the camera and the subject, the better the photo. The rule of thumb is that you can’t get close enough to your subject!
  4. Practice patience: Not everything will be photo-ready right away, travelers have to be willing to wait to capture images. Guests who take their time will find they have better photographs to cherish. It’s the only way to get the best photos on a bucket-list journey.


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