Polar Bear Photo Adventure Visits Northernmost Town in USA

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Gondwana Ecotours is offering a NEW 7-day polar bear photography adventure to the Arctic. This trip is packed full of wildlife viewing, including opportunities to photograph snowy owls, Arctic foxes, polar bears, marine life, and the northern lights. Guests will interact with Arctic residents, view equipment used in tribal whaling expeditions, explore the northernmost town in America, and speak with tribal elders about how native life is adapting to modern times. Guests will also discuss the issues of global warming and sea ice recession with an Arctic environmentalist and author. The tour is scheduled for September 21-27, 2019 and starts at $8,770 per person double. Accommodations include distinctive lodges, inns, and a Scandinavian-style hotel overlooking the Arctic Ocean. The all-inclusive package covers local guides, ground transportation, accommodations, flights in Alaska, and all meals.

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Tour Highlights:

  • Photographing polar bears, Arctic foxes and snowy owls in their natural environment
  • Flying to Utqiaġvik (previously known as Barrow), the northernmost town in America
  • Taking a photography lesson from well-known wildlife photographer, Frank Stelges
  • Learning from an expert in polar bear habitat and research
  • Interacting with locals carving walrus ivory, crafting traditional clothes and building whaling vessels
  • Visiting the home of one of the most respected subsistence whaling captains and head of the Utqiaġvik village council

For more information, visit or call 877-587-8479.

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