9 Reasons to Try Tiny-House Living at Think Big! A Tiny House Resort

Tiny House Resort

No longer a trend but a movement (and, for some, an obsession!), tiny houses have inspired TV shows, books and more Pinterest boards than anyone could follow. For fans enchanted by the micro-living craze, Think Big! A Tiny House Resort—overlooking the Catskill Creek in the storied Catskill Mountains region, just two hours north of New York City—is the place to satisfy every curiosity about dwelling in a compact space. Nine reasons to give tiny-house living a try:

  1. Discovering How Little is Sacrificed: Think you won’t have everything you need to be happy in less than 400 square feet? You’ll quickly realize that a tiny house can have every modern convenience. The nine rentals at Think Big! A Tiny House Resort have sleeping space for two to seven people, full kitchens, bathrooms with flushable toilets and continuous hot running water, air-conditioning, heat, streaming TVs and dedicated WiFi.
  1. Embracing the Outdoors: It’s easy to keep your vow to spend more time outside when the oversized windows in your tiny hideaway remind you of nature’s ever-present beauty and your private patio—equipped with a grill, fire pit and lounge furniture—doubles your living space.
  1. Finding Inspiration to Declutter and Downsize: If you’ve been contemplating downsizing, your tiny-house stay may just be the spark you need to begin decluttering your home, and it will help you determine how tiny a space may be right for your next move.
  1. Practicing Mindfulness: When the space you occupy is clean, open and simple, it is easier to banish clutter from your mind, as well. And resort activities—including goat yoga, arts and crafts classes, massages in the creek-view Wellness Tent, and aroma-therapy soaks in a private cedar tub—are designed to foster stress release.
  1. Learning to Make the Most of Small Spaces: Built to custom specs, Think Big!’s unique rental houses are models of efficiency and tiny style that provide guests with ideas for their own small home spaces, from urban apartments to she sheds.
  1. Nurturing Relationships: Do you rarely see the people who share your life, even when you’re under the same roof? Time together in a tiny house—cooking and sipping wine, reading, playing board games, making S’mores, sharing stories—will renew your bonds with those you cherish. Couples and families love the heated outdoor pool, creek tubing, goat walks and collecting eggs from the property’s resident chickens, too.
  1. Retreating Solo: There is value in alone time, too, so if you seek a place where you can heal, focus inward and reset your priorities, these cozy and secure tiny houses—in a gated community with on-site property managers—are your place to feel snug and safe, yet surrounded by nature’s restorative powers.
  1. Treating Your Dog to a Playful Escape: A tiny house is not a home without your dog, and Think Big! A Tiny House Resort takes dog-friendly digs to the next level. Dogs can stay in any of the tiny vacation homes, and they love exploring the property’s 28 acres (there’s even a waterfall), playing with tennis balls and toys in the double-gated dog park and joining other pups on a pack walk.
  1. Snapping Insta-worthy photos: Tiny houses exude cuteness, and you’ll love sharing photos from your tiny house escapades.

For additional information about Think Big! A Tiny House Resort, visit or call 518-622-2626.

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