Join an Anti-poaching Team in India and Help Save Bengal Tigers

Bengal tiger

A unique opportunity from wildlife travel experts True Luxury Travel offers a rare chance to participate in the conservation efforts to help endangered Bengal tigers in Kanha National Park.

The hands-on experience will give travelers the opportunity to accompany a wildlife guardian on a camera survey expedition aimed at calculating the population density of tigers who inhabit the surrounding wilderness, an invaluable practice that aids in the conservation of these endangered animals.

Over the course of the journey, participants will visit up to six camera trap sites to recover memory cards and then download image and video data. The photos and videos obtained from this expedition allow conservationists to estimate the number of tigers inhabiting the specific areas, their travel routes and the movement of their prey.

The trip includes camera trapping exercises, learning about tiger tracking and signs of tigers by studying their prey base, talks on tiger conservation issues by an expert lecturer and organized walks and cycling in the buffer forest with a focus on anti-poaching.

Visitors will visit the Kanha-Pench corridor in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The corridor is one of the most important forest corridors in India and are vital for the long-term survival of tigers as they connect smaller tiger populations to larger source populations. Without these linkages tiger populations isolated within individual tiger reserves face the risk of extinction due to poaching and loss in genetic vigor over generations,

Tigers in this region face a number of threats which mean that they’re endangered including poaching, conflict with humans and loss in natural prey. The Kanha-Pench corridor comes with its own unique risks including hostile villagers, retaliatory poisoning of livestock, poaching of both tigers and their prey, electrocution by live wires as well as road and rail traffic.

True Luxury Travel are dedicated to helping the conservation efforts of their destinations and offer specialist tours and initiatives to help the communities they interact with.

The Tiger Anti-Poaching Trip is a unique experience that allows visitors to gain hands-on involvement in the important conservation of the endangered Bengal Tiger through a series of unique activities in the Indian jungle.

The Tiger Anti-Poaching Trip costs from £3,080 per person based on two people sharing including all land arrangements, guiding, 6 nights’ accommodation and full board safari. Contact True Luxury Travel directly to book.

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