Practical Biology Lessons in the Heart of the Amazon

Amazon bungalow

Coming face-to-face with an alligator and putting your hand on an ant hill are part of the adventure at the Juma Amazon Lodge hotel which organizes jungle expeditions with native guides.

Few experiences in life can be as enriching as an immersion in the Amazon Rainforest, one of the planet’s most privileged scenarios in terms of biodiversity. In the company of specialized monitors, going into the forest and experiencing its wildlife up close is an adventure surrounded by teachings and discoveries, even more so for those who live in the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

The purpose of the Juma Amazon Lodge is to offer this real experience in Brazil’s Northern Region. For each package in terms of a given number of nights, different tours are included. Children and adults are encouraged to learn about the habits and characteristics of the animals that inhabit the area surrounding this jungle hotel, which is located 100 kilometres from the city of Manaus. Every day, small groups of guests are taken by local guides to real open-air biology classes.

Interaction is stimulated as part of a process of exchange and learning. A fishing trip is not limited to catching the fish, but also includes the chance to taste it at a dinner prepared Amazon style. A night-time activity, watching alligators is a unique expedition, carried out whilst navigating the river. In addition to being observed from a distance, the reptiles are brought into the boat by the guide, so that the tourists can see the animal from up close before it is safely returned to nature.

Juma Amazon Lodge’s monitors, who are natives, show how to have contact with the animals without offering risks to the species, whether in case of observing birds or river dolphins. The richness of its fauna and flora makes the Amazon a kind of pharmacy that the indigenous populations make use of with native savvy. While on a morning walk through the forest, the guest is instructed to put his or her hand on a nest of tapiba ants and then immediately afterwards rub them against the body. When crushed, they release a scent that acts as a natural repellent against other insects. However, it is worth mentioning that there are virtually no mosquitoes in the region, due to the acidity of the water in the rivers.

The days at the Juma Lodge are driven by the spirit of adventure and curiosity, especially that of the children. They often get excited by the visits of the friendly and clever Common Woolly Monkeys. Every day they swap the tree tops for the walkways that connect all of the hotel’s outbuildings, at which time it is possible to get closer to the animals and to record the unusual encounter by taking photos.

Reservations and more information can be obtained from the site, or by ringing the phone number (92) 3232-2707 or by sending an e-mail to

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