All Women’s 100-km Ski Expedition on Track to the North Pole

North Pole women

Eleven women representing both Middle East and European countries began an historic trek earlier this week to the North Pole. Following an early morning April 15 flight from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, the northernmost commercial airport in the world, to a floating ice station at 89º north, the group set off immediately on their 100-km adventure on cross-country skis over shifting pack…

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The Five S’s of Relaxation: Sun, Surf, Sand, Sea and… Snow!

swell women

Snowbunnies, rejoice! The beaches of Maui, El Salvador and Thailand (amongst many others) are renown for their ability to soothe ragged nerves and relax even the most weary of traveler, but unless you live near one of these tropical paradises, summer cannot last year-round. Some people might be surprised to learn that frozen water is just as effective as ocean…

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